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Improvement of both, the respect of privacy and patient amenities

Efficiency and confidentiality improved with newly designed, private treatment rooms.
Consultation rooms equipped with comfortable armrest chairs and self-flushing bidet toilets.

Informed Consent Improvement-IT System

Medical records are filed electronically our new Information Technology (IT) system.
A computerized appointment system and automatic cashier machines reduce waiting time.

Community Liaison Space Dr. Hideyo Noguchi Memorial Gallery (2F)

Serves both to honor Dr. Noguchi and to provide space for hospital-sponsored events.
Medical Association Meetings and Conferences
A large conference room as well as a medical association lounge, have been designed for medical association meetings and conferences.
Patient Library Corner with on-line medical reference (3F)
Our patient library corner contains reference materials for individual medical research.
Womenfs Medicine – Obstetrics & Gynecology (6F)

OBGYN (6F) has access by a specifically designated elevator.
Grouping excellent specialists, allow us to provide the utmost care.

Fertility Clinic and Childcare Room.
While their parents receive medical treatment, children are appropriately supervised in the Childrenfs Playroom.
It was intended that the clinic become a regional landmark.
Glass and granite were used specifically for this original design.
21st Century Medical Treatment Facility
Designed to create an ambiance of calm and serenity where the patient can relax under the gentle caress of sunlight.